Thursday, June 29, 2006

Let's Go to the Ex, oh Baby!

We're back! It's been a busy couple of weeks! So, first things first! We made a last minute decision to take the kids to the Red River Exhibition - on opening day! It was really fun and actually didn't cost anything to bring them. I think we were supposed to buy ride tickets for Simeon, but they just kept letting us get on with our bracelets. Anyways, we had great fun (even though Esther was sick). Sim is just like his mother - he loves the big rides! :) He had no fear. The big slide was the one I was most worried about, and if you can tell in his picture, he seemed pretty nervous! But as soon as he got to the bottom he started crying to go back down it!

Esther, meanwhile was content as long as she was in mommy's arms. She'd had an unexplained fever for 2 days and we assumed it was another UTI. We jumped the gun and started antibiotics right away while waiting for the urine test results (to avoid the horrible sickness she experienced last time and to prevent kidney damage). Anyone who knows me knows that's not like me to resort to drugs so quickly! Anyway, her fever broke that night after the Ex and 2 days later she broke out in a rash all over her body. So, no infection, of course - just Roseola (baby measles)! I should have known - she's at the perfect age for it. Oh well! We stopped the meds and she was back to her happy self within a couple of days. Thank you God! She is beginning to use some baby sign-language these days which is very cute and helpful for me! She is also creeping everywhere which means we have to keep a close eye on her! She can get herself stuck in alot of funny places in our little apartment! And then there's her big brother to watch out for...

Well, Baba took the kids home from the Ex at bedtime and left Deyan, Tyler and I to play! It was fun to have a few hours to feel like kids again - riding scary rides, eating fair food, etc. Deyan even won an electric scooter by ringing a duck! He was pretty happy with new toy! He spent a couple of hours the next morning spicing it up to make it sturdier. He took both kids for rides on it. I was about to take their pictures, when Tyler took it for a spin and accidentally drove it into a groove which snapped the handle off! Bummer! Deyan is hoping he can get it welded back together. Don't worry, Tyler's okay! :)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

It has been a busy week around here! We are enjoying the beautiful weather as much as possible while the guys are without work and Ionka is visiting.

Last Saturday we went garage sale hunting in a nice neighbourhood and came home with Simeon's first tricycle! He was VERY excited about it and we only had to pay $5! (Deyan was also excited about his purchase of a wine kit!)

We spent the rest of our Saturday doing some house organizing and watching episodes from the first season of "Lost" (our new favorite evening past-time). Sunday was also busy as we went to Danielle and Ryan's farm to celebrate one of Sim's friends, Reuben's 2nd birthday! We don't have any pictures but it was lots of fun seeing the horses (including a new foal) and kittens and tractor as well as running around outside, playing ball and eating yummy food! The only downside was Tyler bringing home a couple of wood ticks! He was NOT impressed! (Come to think of it, neither were we at 3am when he came in to our room to ask us how to get rid of them! Heehee)

Personally, I've been very busy this week with business meetings, teaching, prenatal visits, church meetings, etc. I've been out every evening for as long as I can remember!

Thursday was Deyan's Convocation. It was pretty boring, but I was SO proud of him that I went, kids in tow, to sit through the hours of blah blah just so I could hear his name announced and watch him receive his diploma. Unfortunately, the portable DVD player I had brought for Sim ran out of batteries and the only plug-in available made the stage not visible for me. Oh well. I did watch Dey walk to the front and I did cheer very loudly when they said his name! :) He says that as hard as he worked, this degree is just as much mine for all the sacrifices I've been willing to make for him along the way. What a guy! Did I mention he brought home a dozen rozes for me the other day...just because? I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband who really loves me with all his heart. And I am SO GLAD IT'S FINALLY OVER!!! Dey's mom and Tyler came along as well. Ionka is very proud of her son! Tyler also deserves a huge congratulations because he just graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a bachelor's of business administration this spring. He missed his convocation because he was here with us (not that he really minded - the pomp and circumstance that is) so we were able to celebrate his achievements as well. We all went to eat at a nice German restaurant. Yummy schnitzel!

Yesterday we decided to go to the beach! We had some things to get organized so we didn't end up going until almost suppertime. But it was so hot that it worked out perfectly. It was Esther's first time and she loved it! Simeon had fun of course, once he remembered everything! It was nice to go on a weekday evening when it was so quiet at Bird's Hill Park!

Today I had a birth to go to. Baba helped Dada with the kiddies. It wasn't too long and we were still able to go to Bryce's Welcome to the World party. Simeon and Isaac had so much fun together! I am exhausted now and still have a full weekend/week ahead of me! If I haven't seen you or talked to you in awhile - now you know why! :) In other news, Deyan is applying in person for a steel construction job on Monday. Now would be the time for him to get a job so please pray!

Oh, I almost forgot! Esther cut her first 2 teeth this week! She did pretty well with them. She is having lots of fun making new noises these days, trying new foods, learning some signs/words. So fun! One of her favorite things to do is still the jolly jumper - and boy can she get air!