Sunday, February 26, 2006

Turin 2006 is finished!

Yes, the Winter Olympics are over. What will I do with my days now? No more snow and ice sports to watch. No more Canadians to cheer for. No more anthems to sing. Well, it sure has been a fun 2 weeks, but such good things must come to an end. I'm sure my family will appreciate a bit more attention! I have to admit that I do really love the Olympics. Especially the winter ones. I love the spirit of the games and I am very patriotic. I love hearing the stories of triumph from the athletes. Most of them have to overcome such great adversity to get to where they are. It makes me want to strive to be the best at everything I put my hand to. If they can be the best in the world at their sport, what can I do? I may not be able to skate at 120km/hr, but I can make a mean Thai dinner! :)

So, I now have all kinds of time on my hands yet again! It feels weird to not have the TV on tonight. I may go through some withdrawl! It will be good for me, though, since I generally don't watch much TV. I knew it was getting bad because Simeon was reciting all the commercials by heart! "Rayomax windows and doors" "Torino 2006 the Olympic Winter Games on CBC" "There's no better friend than the one I've got... (MTS)" "No one sells real estate like Remax" and the list goes on! It was cute, but kind of scary at the same time. Amazing how well advertising works! Maybe Birth Roots should do a TV ad! We could get a nice pregnant model to act out a labour/birth scene, her losing her mind, her partner passing out, her mother yelling at the nurses, and enter the doula - the superhero! Well, it could be funny and would probably generate some business! Ok, my thoughts are just rambling like crazy now. Time to end this post! :)

I will attach some more Christmas photos, this time with some of the family! I will begin with my siblings. Hmmm...this could take some explaining for some of you! To make it as brief as possible, let's just say that I am an only child of my 2 parents, but I have 2 brothers and 6 sisters! From my Mom's side are Tyler (23), Jordan (21), Courtney (17), Madalyn (14), and Emma (11). From my Dad's side are Emily (20), Katie (16), and Marli (14). I feel so blessed to have such a rich family! Here they are!

Emma dressed up for her school play as an Oompa-Loompa

Tyler and Madalyn Christmas morning

Katie and Courtney (they are not sisters to each other, but great friends and only 7 months apart in age!)

Marli and her Grandma (Marli and Madalyn were born within 3 days of each other and are the best of friends!)

Emily and Jordan (they are not siblings to each other either, and only 3 months apart in age) But blood or no blood, they sure do act like brother and sister!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Two is Better than One

Well, I wish I had more time for blogging! But man oh man is life busy with 2 kids! I've heard it said that having a child will change your life forever. In some ways, I agree. I mean, having Simeon made for some adjustments in my life, but not as many as I would have thought. After all, I took him with me anywhere I wanted to go and just incoporated him into my life. So I think that if there were changes, they were mostly on an emotional level. I love being a mom!

Anyways, since Esther was born, I have found that statement to be truer than ever. All of a sudden, life seems more complicated. Going to the store because I ran out of milk has now become a big deal. Is it really worth it to get both kids dressed in their winter gear, buckled into their car seats, drive to the store, take them inside and put them in a cart, buy the milk, put them back in their car seats, drive them home, bring them both into the house, and undress them? Especially when half-way through one of them gets hungry or needs a sudden diaper change, or just has a melt-down? Most times I decide to do without the milk (or whatever I need) until Deyan gets home. In fact, it seems like my day revolves around making food, feeding/eating, cleaning up meal mess, changing diapers and getting dressed, then maybe throwing in a load of laundry before it's time for the next meal! I have been assured that it does get easier. Sometimes I just want to pack the diaper bag and take both kids out of the house so I don't have to deal with the daily chores! At least Simeon is happier when he's with other kids and therefore doesn't ask me if he can watch a video all day long!

Of course it isn't all bad or crazy. I have great kids that I love to pieces. Simeon brings me so much joy. He is at a very fun age and is learning so many new things all the time. He can now say his full name as well as his sister's full name. And he can spell his first name. He can sing the alphabet and count to 20 in English, 10 in Bulgarian. He recognizes all his letters and numbers 1-10. His language is getting clearer every day (thankfully!) and his abstract thinking and sentence structure is growing. We have alot of fun wrestling, playing play-doh, coloring, and "helping" mommy. He loves his sister SO much and tries so hard to be gentle with her. Esther is beautiful and her smile warms me up inside. She is very content most of the time to lie on her back and bat at her toys or bounce in her jolly jumper. She sucks her thumb which is so cute. And she listens for my voice and watches my every move, cranking her head to see if I am still in sight! She is an excellent sleeper at night (last night sleeping from 11-8:15am without so much as a stir) and takes several naps during the day. She usually cooperates and naps at the same time as Simeon so that I can get a rest too! Unlike her brother, it does not hurt to breastfeed her and she usually doesn't cry in the car. She also loves her brother and smiles at him frequently, except when he is squeezing the life out of her!

So, although life is much busier and sometimes even overwhelming, I wouldn't trade my babies for anything. I know things could be easier, if we had chosen to space our kids more or waited until after Deyan was done school or if we lived closer to family, but I am very happy with the life we have chosen/God has blessed us with. And although now is definitely not the time, I will gladly welcome another member to add to our family's chaos a few years down the road! :)