Saturday, March 08, 2008

A new computer - and FINALLY some pictures!

We'll start with Simeon and Luke's 4th birthday party - Glo Bowling!Just a few of the friendsWhose beautiful child is this? ;)Though it has been a mighty cold winter in Winnipeg, we've tried to get outside whenever possible!Esther kept asking to 'ride the big horsies'!A free trolley ride down well-lit Portage Ave (with free hot chocolate and even some carols!)Frosty! This was at a private home which has over 10000 Christmas lights/displays and a small train you can ride around their property. People often say that Winnipeg is the Christmas capital of Canada!
Christmas Eve Dinner (Sermi - a Bulgarian tradition)
Oh the anticipation!Don't you think Joyska makes a great Santa?These games have been well used already!New Jammies!Cuddles with Chicho before bedChristmas morning - The tradition of reading Luke 2 in bed together continues in the next generation!
Unfortunately, Google/Blogger is giving me trouble so the rest of the pictures will have to come later. Sorry Mom!