Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! Chestita Koleda!

Gymnastics at the YMCA
Building the deck - Daddy and his helpers

Pineridge Hollow - October 2008
Thanksgiving Dinner with our close friends

Little mommy Esther with baby Elijah

In costumes for the Harvest Party in the Church

The Pirate

Superman Girl
Typical fun times with Chicho and Uncle
Esther's 3rd birthday - Celebrating with Family

Counting her candles
Momma's girl

Father and Son in the basement workshop
Esther's 3rd birthday - Celebrating with friends
Making dessert 'pizza'

The birthday girl fell asleep at the birthday table!

First snow Winter 2008
Esther in the front yard
Simeon in the back yard

Art time

Music class with Daddy

Chicken on a bone!

Grandpa's visit November 2008

Decorating the Christmas tree

Downhill sliding

Simeon's 5th birthday

Buzz Light Year cake - made with love by Mom and decorated by Dad

Party with friends

I'm sorry that I cannot add spring and summer pictures right now. :) Unless you go to facebook to see them!