Thursday, December 13, 2007

Loved and Adored and Today He's 4!!!

Oh how could it be that my firstborn is such a big boy already! What memories come rushing in!

Like when I called Deyan into the bathroom during the 1 minute wait for the results of our first pregnancy test so we could see the results together (even though the line showed up almost immediately). And when we phoned our families and close friends that night to announce that 'we' were pregnant because we couldn't wait to share the good news! And how happy I was not to feel sick by the time my first midwifery appointment happened, only to be gently reminded by Beckie that pregnancy nausea sometimes doesn't set in until the 6th week or so. And how true that was! And how relieved I was to hear his heartbeat for the first time after crying to Beckie about feeling that I was ruining my child by eating nothing but fast food (which was the one of the only things I could eat during my 8 weeks of nausea/vomiting). And then there was of course the 'twin' scare! (not scared of having twins, just scared of how that would affect my prenatal and birth care) Coming home early from the lake to catch a glimpse of only 1 healthy little baby swimming around. Then the exhiliration of feeling the first flutter of baby movement only moments after I had assisted another woman through the birth of her first child. And Deyan feeling that first kick a couple of days later. Continuing to grow bigger and bigger until everyone thought I would burst! The heartburn, pelvic pain and pressure, wrist pain, practice contractions, and other pregnancy discomforts which made me very anxious to get this person on the outside! And then that day arrived! If you want to share in those memories, go to and look for Dee's Birth Story.

Since then, it's been quite an adventure! Simeon is a 'frequent flyer' having travelled back and forth to the Maritimes 4 times, once to Ohio, and once to Bulgaria! Not to mention the road trips around Manitoba and the long one this summer through the States, Toronto, and all the way to New Brunswick! He's lived in 2 cozy homes, is surrounded by awesome friends (big and small) and remains incredibly connected to his family around the globe.

Words to describe him - sensitive (towards others and towards himself), thoughtful (caring), intelligent (he's reading and doing sudokus), inquisitive (oh the questions!), deep thinker(but what does it MEAN), organized (not necessarily tidy though), easy-going (you can take him anywhere anytime), friendly, outgoing, musical (you should hear the tunes he can carry and his dance moves can't be beat!), creative, theatrical, strong (let's just say I don't dare wrestle with him), handsome (well what do you expect with the momtchilov genes), great memory, funny...and I could go on!

A few favorite quotes - "Mommy, I made a big hippo! Actually, I think it's a rhino." (said after going poop on the potty at 1 1/2) "Esther's a girl so she has an angina" (I have many more anatomy quotes, but they are a bit too riske to put on a blog! Did I mention he's inquisitive and a deep thinker???)

Ok, to be honest I'm quite sick at the moment and my brain is not functioning very well so I think that's all I can write right now. Here are a couple of pictures though!

We love you Simba! xoHis first art project (He cried later because he felt like he ruined it when he tried to use a sponge to paint with. I hope he doesn't take after me in art!)A beach dayA bike dayThis is one of the sudoku puzzles he's been able to do since this spring.The birthday boy!We gave him tinkertoys for his birthday. Not sure who was having more fun Sim or his dad!