Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My baby turns 2...

I wish I could reminisce about the last 2 years - the journey of mothering a daughter. But alas, sleep is calling my name so I will simply say that I am in awe how quickly the time has flown. Wasn't it just yesterday that I was complaining of joint pain and wanting this baby to be born already? Surely it was but a moment ago that I caught my first glimpse of the beautiful girl I had hoped and dreamed of. Now she is running with the big boys, talking as much as them (even using big words like 'actually' and 'I think maybe'), singing and dancing like a champ, using a vivid imagination, wearing big girl panties, mothering her own little brood of dolls, teddy bears, and friends' pets or children younger than her. I love her to pieces and realized tonight that I don't tell her enough. So as I nursed her to sleep (yes, she in that way I guess she's still my baby) I caressed her hair and reminded her how special she is to me and how much I love her and enjoy being her mom. Sure, she can be a determined little monkey sometimes! I hope I will have the grace and patience to raise her to be a strong leader, yet full of compassion and grace. So, here she is - our little princess...

Daddy's girl


Pretty in every color!

Her first french braids


Always wanting to share kisses and cuddles

Um, is this me or her? (I have an identical picture from my 2nd birthday)

Proving she can have her cake and eat it too!

Riding a pony alone at 19 months!

Little miss independent!

Did I mention she LOVES animals???She loves her friends - though most of them are boys :)

Fun in the tub

And she's hot!

xo Essie xo
May there be many more years of blessings!


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Court said...

oh my goodness....what a girl.

she's so precious!

and is that the dress? it is CUUUUUUUTE! i almost want to plan all the dresses around her being able to wear that! haha

love you, lil miss niece of mine. :)

At 8:57 PM, Blogger Court said...

ok...so no joke. i'm totally inspired by that dress. i really want to make it possible for her to wear it. and i think i got some ideas for your dresses (since i'm kind of changing everything haha)

anyways. i have no idea why i'm telling you this on your blog. we'll talk soon. xo

At 11:09 PM, Anonymous Jalana said...

I loved your post made me teary... Not just because I have two teenage girls who I can't nurse while curling their hair around my fingers…. but because it was beautiful... as our your kids! Simeon is such a riot!! Every photo of him makes me laugh (it takes a kook to appreciate a kook!)... and Esther... she reminds me of my youngest Sharai...independent ....first day of preschool Sharai said "you go home now".. (I waited outside).. she's strong and makes people crazy... Wow what a kick butt woman she will be... as will Esther (stop cloning your kids!! *LOL*)
I love your kids ... promise not to bite them when I see them... but confess... I want to!!
Happy Birthday Esther!

At 6:13 PM, Blogger Ruth said...

happy birthday esther!! it DOES just seem like yesturday that you were teaching our prenatal class with your little baby in your growing belly!!

At 5:52 AM, Blogger Emma Ethridge said...

oh my dear sweet niece... how i miss you! i love you so much!!!!!


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