Monday, November 06, 2006


(holding her new baby from Nana and Papa)

Yes, our beautiful little Esther is already one year old! Where does the time go? She is such a delight to all of us! One of my favorite things about her is the little 'bum wiggle' she does when she is showing her affection. It's hard to describe, but very cute to see and feel! You'll recognize it if you ever win her love enough for this special cuddle! I must admit it makes me happy that I get most of the wiggles!
Anyways, enough about that! Esther is starting to talk a bit more, but isn't into doing baby signs as much as Simeon was at her age. She likes doing all the animal ones, but not the ones that help her communicate her needs to me! Oh well, it's mostly my fault for not spending enough time teaching her. Simeon was quick to learn that screaming and whining doesn't get him very far. Esther, on the other hand, knows I usually respond quickest when she screams and whines! Oh, how I need to work on my parenting skills! Thank God for grace!!!!
I would love to post more, but I need to get some sleep before the birthday girl wakes me up...yet again...

Happy Birthday Esther Iova! We love you SO MUCH little bumbo!