Friday, September 01, 2006

5 years ago...

It was raining in Rothesay New Brunswick but the Son was beaming in my heart! :) Nothing could wipe the smile off my face as I walked down the aisle to meet my handsome groom. We had the most beautiful yet simple ceremony to seal our devotion to each other and to commit ourselves to God as the centre of our lives. Our wedding bands remind us daily of these vows.

So far it has been an awesome journey! Deyan is a gracious and loving husband, who continues to teach me about humility, accountability, teachability, surrendering, etc. He is also a great dad to our kiddies. We've had our share of minor spats, but by God's grace we continue to love each other more and more.

For those of you who know the '3-5 year' story, if we'd followed that plan, we would barely be dating or engaged right now!!! :) I can't even imagine it. Life is WAY better with 2 (ok, so now it's even better with 4!)

Happy Anniversary, Babe! I love you so much and look forward to many more years together!